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Why, As a Realtor, Should I Outsource My Marketing?

Let us talk about what we bring you. One purchasing client at 300k would bring you home ‘x’ amount of dollars, with that one client paying your marketing. This should not be looked at as a ‘monthly bill’, it is an investment. As all business, Real Estate is a numbers game. When we boost your presence to over 1 million+ potential buyers, the probability of us bringing you at least 1 customer a month is within 95%. The probability of us bringing you two to ten buyers is still above 75%. That is calculated risk. Risks and risk assessment are a big factor in both our professions. In all of business, risks are necessary. It is that assessment of risk and our decisions that determine whether our business gains or declines.

Quality is also a very important thing to look for within any company. We do not want to bring you just random people. We want to bring you solid leads, actual potential buyers. We do this by detailed email campaigns and optimizing your social and website platform, among many other things (such as, data analysis, industry research, and so on). We are not aiming to get just clicks or likes. We weed all that out, by getting those interested to engage. Engage on your page(s), click to visit your website, and submit their information directly to you. When it comes to real estate, only interested buyers are going to take all those steps. That is where the random people come into play. Yes, we are reaching millions of random persons. Within the millions are the plethora of those that are going to engage. They want to buy. They want great customer service; they want established trust. The more they see you, the more they see detailed and engaging material, the more they are going to want to buy from you. In the end however, you are responsible for securing the sale.

As afore we mentioned, risk. This is all calculated, acceptable risk. However, we are not going to mislead or lie to you, there is a chance those numbers are not going to be immediate, or constant. Though that percentage is low, things change, the economy changes, pandemics happen. Some businesses adapt and overcome through these situations, and some fail. We, ethically, cannot guarantee you any numbers, yet we can guarantee you expanding your presence to the masses. We believe in running an honest business, there are too many factors out of any one persons’ control, to create a formula that would be considered a law. If there were, I do not think our services would be of much help. Again, marketing is just like real estate when it comes to the time. Research is huge factor, that consumes so much time. We understand time consumption and, is another area where we are an important asset to any business. Creating a successful marketing campaign is maximizing your engagement and presence, which takes a considerable amount of time. Time that takes away from all the responsibilities you already have as a Realtor. With outsourcing your marketing to us, you do not have to worry about juggling all those responsibilities, plus the responsibilities you have outside the workplace. You can devote all that time to your clients and research. We got you, you can go to the spa. Go on vacation and turn your phone off for a few days and get that ‘me time’. The biggest plus is, not have to worry on your marketing!

In the end, we are more than a digital marketing agency. We just realize the effectiveness and savings, monetarily, when it comes to the digital world. We do still, pride ourselves in keeping with traditional marketing. People still love to read a book, a magazine or a newspaper. Not everyone likes to be on the internet or their phone. It is nostalgic, it stimulates the senses. Brings us back to a time, that seems to be fleeting away, swiftly, in this digital era. Which is what makes traditional marketing so effective, still. Though, it is a bit more costly, and the reason it is not included in our pricing. We want to give you that choice. That also, helps keep our pricing competitive. We give you a base pricing for our digital campaign, as it is the most popular and very effective. That way you can budget, and we can analyze what is working and what is not. What needs more attention, and what may need to be cut out, altogether . Say you have extra in your budget, and you want to create a commercial, or be a vendor at a convention or hold your own event. Though times may make some of that more difficult or even not permitted, it is still an option. We can take a traditional marketing event and turn it digital. Being amid a pandemic, the world still turns, we just need to adapt.

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