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Making Sure Your Social Media Account Is Running Healthy

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Is Your Ad Account Restricted, Business Manager Disabled?

Facebook communities and groups have had an ongoing problem with this issue, for

quite some time. In this quick blog, you will learn some tips to make sure that your

account stays running as healthy, as can be!

You think you have trust issues? Let’s take this slow, because so does Facebook!

  • Facebook wants validity, and not marketers using their back to earn a quick dollar.

  • Even though, that is what Facebook does, itself. If you are new to Facebook, their eyes are on you!

  • They want to make sure you are not running ads without enough credit on your card.

  • Start slow and go steady, watch what you spend daily.

  • Do not try to scale too fast, too hard, especially if your account is not ‘seasoned’ enough. So, let us start slowly!

Approval ratings!

  • Obtain and keep a 10:1 approval rate. This means, for every (1) disapproved ad, you must have 10 that are approved. This is very important when it comes to scaling and testing. Start with submitting one ad, rather than multiples, for approval. Once that gets approved, scale from there.

  • Remember, we are taking this slow and steady… We are here for longevity, right?

Read and re-read the Facebook ads policy.

  • If you are anything like me, you “really enjoy” reading those policy agreements, it is very important and mandatory that we read them. At least monthly, as they are always changing.

  • Instead of skimming the information, read it. I cannot emphasize the importance. Understanding the rules can keep you from being disabled.

  • Violations can get your account disabled for weeks, or even months! Though these are not the only routes for advertising, they are highly effective, so read the rules!

Stay on one IP address

  • Much to my own surprise, Facebook does not like it when we log-in from multiple IP addresses. This is another way you could end up on the negative side of their radar.

  • Use a VPN. It is more important now, than ever, to use a VPN. This also allows you to stay on the same address when out of the house or office.

  • When logging on from different IP addresses, Facebook believes that someone else is trying to gain access your account. In turn, to protect you, they may block you. Like a scene from a comedy, that could turn into a drama, nobody wants to deal with that.

Some Other Things to Watch Out For:

I. Copy and Creatives

II. Landing Page Quality and Ranking

III. Having an Optimized Website

IV. Watch Out for The Feedback

V. Delete Disapproved Ads

VI. Having a Clear Page Name, No Misleading

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