Creative Work


Our Mission:

To create, coordinate, and communicate brand and customer value. We dedicate our team to generating long-lasting consumer/client and business relationships through a value-first approach.




Through a value-first approach, profits will follow, as well loyalty. The stigma has become profits over people; the consumer and the internet age have shifted the consumer's power back. What people want now is value. Whether it be a service or product (even necessities), consumers have the tools at their fingertips to discover not only what is cheaper but what benefits this product or service offers me? From toothpaste (I don't want just cavity protection, I want protection and whitening) to recreation (what other functions does this service offer?), the value is no longer only in the product or service. The value is in perception. At JR Marketing Solutions, we don't just understand value; we help create and communicate the principles hidden between the lines that solidify the foundation of VALUE.


We specialize in digital and traditional direct marketing.